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How Does it Feel to be Rich?

Money was coming in faster than I could count. All the guys around me were envious. Consistently stacking up cash made me feel like a boss. I remember thinking, “Is this how it feels to be rich?” None of my best friends were having success yet. They hadn’t learned how to play the game; didn’t know winning was earned. I was successful because I’d gone broke more than once. I developed patience, resilience and persistence, and finally I was consistently

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My Journey into Real Estate

During my first job interview after college, the interviewer asked where I saw myself in ten years. I said, “My long-term goals are in real estate. I want to build my own little real estate empire,” to which he smirked. I wasn’t seeking a job so much as a mentor. I needed to find a place that had the greatest opportunities for learning. Practical knowledge would pay much higher dividends in the future than an employer offering higher pay but fewer

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