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How Does it Feel to be Rich?

Money was coming in faster than I could count. All the guys around me were envious. Consistently stacking up cash made me feel like a boss. I remember thinking, “Is this how it feels to be rich?” None of my best friends were having success yet. They hadn’t learned how to play the game; didn’t know winning was earned. I was successful because I’d gone broke more than once. I developed patience, resilience and persistence, and finally I was consistently

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How the NCAA Experience Prepares You for the Real World

In recent years, I’ve had the great honor of giving talks to groups of NCAA Division I athletes. I relish the opportunity to regale them with stories of my days as a college baseball player. I share the lessons learned from my NCAA experience in three areas: work ethic character development building a quiet confidence I choose every one of my words carefully. My goal is to help the student athlete view their time on campus as an invaluable opportunity

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