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Nicaragua: 7-Day Itinerary and Costs

San Juan Del Sur

When I hear “Nicaragua,” it conjures up memories of my mom cooking supper in the kitchen while Dan Rather reported the day’s news. He would talk about the Reagan Administration backing the Contras against the Sandinistas, then show pictures of camouflage-clad Commandos brandishing AK-47s. It was a different time in the 1980s. Nicaragua was embroiled in a bloody civil war. In the States, the BS coming from our president was more nuanced and structured than today: “A few months ago,

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House Hunting in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida! Costa Rica has become a hotbed for second-home buyers and expats from America. The appeal is immediately apparent to anyone who visits. It’s a magnificent country famous for its world-class surfing, rain forests, jungles, reserves and national parks. Its 35 wildlife refuges protect more than 25 percent of the country’s territory. Direct flights from most major airports in the States to San José, the country’s capital, make for easy access. The country isn’t without downside. A few minutes short

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Why I Embrace Solitude (and you should too)

Trolltunga, Benefits of Solitude, Norway

I’m an experienced solo traveler. Usually, I’ll meet more people vagabonding alone. But Norway is different. Perhaps due to its high prices, remote location or combination thereof, I encountered zero rebellious hippies, counterculture losers or brainless bleeding hearts. Nobody attempted to tell me I was from “The Great Satan” or that I’d need to “check my conscience at the airport,” when returning to America (as happened on hiking trails in Patagonia & Peru, respectively). Occasionally, I’d run into a group

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Japan: Travel Advice

We were 6,700 miles from home facing centuries-old cultural norms and codes of etiquette in Japan. It’s a country that feels like you’re traveling through 11 centuries of history. At times, it seems like endless peaceful gardens and ancient Buddhist temples; other areas are teeming with busy streets and vibrant culture. I wondered how they keep a country of 127 million people so clean. Japan could be the prototype for efficiency and cleanliness. With all of it’s sophistication, politeness and cleanliness,

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