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Navigating Relationships [for Men]

Men in Relationships

Relationships are hard. They’re even harder when you’re stupid. Many years and tears brought me to this realization. Truth is, I still may be no better at relationships than you. My best qualifications for writing about the interplay between men and women are a preponderance of boneheaded moves. Richard Feynman once said, “I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.” That describes how I think about women and relationships.

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Feedback from my Masculinity Article

Feedback from Masculinity Article

The topic of male/female differences, and our respective communication styles, is seemingly taboo in our society. Our unwillingness to discuss inter-gender dynamics helps none of us in relationships. How men and women interact is the basis and barometer of our civilization. I can think of no more valuable skill set to possess than that of a good communicator. And no more important relationship than the one with our significant other. Like any skill set, the art of communication can be

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From Ancient Love to Current Feelings

Romeo Juliet Balcony

The concept of “love” is so important that I rarely tell someone, “I love you,” unless I’d be willing to die for them. It seems crazy that we’d make the ultimate sacrifice for another person. But love is an irrational intensity of affection and loyalty we’ve developed over millennia to ensure our species’ survival. There is no more powerful force of humanity than the emotional attachment or “love” we feel for another person. “Three things will last forever–faith, hope and

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We Need More Masculinity in America, Not Less


There’s a disturbing trend in our country: Young men are abandoning masculinity and becoming more feminine; young women are becoming more masculine. This observation became glaringly obvious when I returned to the United States after visiting parts of Latin America and Eastern Europe. At a coffee shop in Bucharest, Romania, I was talking to a local guy about the stunning beauty of Romanian women. I expected him to tell me that he prefers American women, as most men I meet

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How to use Sexual Energy for Maximum Utility

Sexual Energy

Imagine you’re in your late 50s sitting on a bar stool in Thailand surrounded by ladyboys. You’ve thrown away your marriage, family, and a decent paying job back in the States. Your face looks like an old catcher’s mitt and you’ve basically given up on life. All because you couldn’t figure out a way to subordinate your impulses to values. By now you’re wondering if the guy I just described is made up. Nope, I don’t write fiction. There’s actually

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How I Survived Prison And Accidentally Found My Path to Wealth by GUEST WRITER


My goal is to save one reader’s life out there with this story about drugs, death, and the ten-year prison sentence I survived. My name is Billy B. from Wealth Well Done, and this is how I survived prison and accidentally found my path to wealth. My nightmare began on a summer-school morning in 2002.  I was a normal 21-year-old college student who stumbled to class with a drug hangover. As I walked home, I called a friend who had partied with

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Nicaragua: 7-Day Itinerary and Costs

San Juan Del Sur

When I hear “Nicaragua,” it conjures up memories of my mom cooking supper in the kitchen while Dan Rather reported the day’s news. He would talk about the Reagan Administration backing the Contras against the Sandinistas, then show pictures of camouflage-clad Commandos brandishing AK-47s. It was a different time in the 1980s. Nicaragua was embroiled in a bloody civil war. In the States, the BS coming from our president was more nuanced and structured than today: “A few months ago,

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House Hunting in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida! Costa Rica has become a hotbed for second-home buyers and expats from America. The appeal is immediately apparent to anyone who visits. It’s a magnificent country famous for its world-class surfing, rain forests, jungles, reserves and national parks. Its 35 wildlife refuges protect more than 25 percent of the country’s territory. Direct flights from most major airports in the States to San José, the country’s capital, make for easy access. The country isn’t without downside. A few minutes short

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Why I Embrace Solitude (and you should too)

Trolltunga, Benefits of Solitude, Norway

I’m an experienced solo traveler. Usually, I’ll meet more people vagabonding alone. But Norway is different. Perhaps due to its high prices, remote location or combination thereof, I encountered zero rebellious hippies, counterculture losers or brainless bleeding hearts. Nobody attempted to tell me I was from “The Great Satan” or that I’d need to “check my conscience at the airport,” when returning to America (as happened on hiking trails in Patagonia & Peru, respectively). Occasionally, I’d run into a group

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How Does it Feel to be Rich?

Money was coming in faster than I could count. All the guys around me were envious. Consistently stacking up cash made me feel like a boss. I remember thinking, “Is this how it feels to be rich?” None of my best friends were having success yet. They hadn’t learned how to play the game; didn’t know winning was earned. I was successful because I’d gone broke more than once. I developed patience, resilience and persistence, and finally I was consistently

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