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How to use Sexual Energy for Maximum Utility

Sexual Energy

Imagine you’re in your late 50s sitting on a bar stool in Thailand surrounded by ladyboys. You’ve thrown away your marriage, family, and a decent paying job back in the States. Your face looks like an old catcher’s mitt and you’ve basically given up on life. All because you couldn’t figure out a way to subordinate your impulses to values. By now you’re wondering if the guy I just described is made up. Nope, I don’t write fiction. There’s actually

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How I Survived Prison And Accidentally Found My Path to Wealth by GUEST WRITER


My goal is to save one reader’s life out there with this story about drugs, death, and the ten-year prison sentence I survived. My name is Billy B. from Wealth Well Done, and this is how I survived prison and accidentally found my path to wealth. My nightmare began on a summer-school morning in 2002.  I was a normal 21-year-old college student who stumbled to class with a drug hangover. As I walked home, I called a friend who had partied with

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Nicaragua: 7-Day Itinerary and Costs

San Juan Del Sur

When I hear “Nicaragua,” it conjures up memories of my mom cooking supper in the kitchen while Dan Rather reported the day’s news. He would talk about the Reagan Administration backing the Contras against the Sandinistas, then show pictures of camouflage-clad Commandos brandishing AK-47s. It was a different time in the 1980s. Nicaragua was embroiled in a bloody civil war. In the States, the BS coming from our president was more nuanced and structured than today: “A few months ago,

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