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No More World Series “Blues”

My college coach once said to me, “Umpires are the bottom of the food chain. If you can’t play, you coach; if you can’t coach, you scout; if you can’t scout, you umpire. It’s far beneath you to argue with bottom feeders. Let me do it.” Game 5 May Provoke Action Game 5 of the 2017 World Series was one of the most exciting games ever played. During a post-game interview, Jose Altuve talked about the incredible emotional highs and

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6 Productivity Hacks for the Digital Age

We may be the last generation with a powerful tool like the internet, yet still possess the ability to focus the mind long enough for deep work. Today’s technology entrepreneurs believe we’re living in an “attention economy,” and you can bet they’re vying for our attention right now. If we continually succumb to the fleeting whims of distraction technology creates, our life’s most precious non-renewable resources, time and attention, will be robbed from us; our achievements forever bound for mediocrity.

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How the NCAA Experience Prepares You for the Real World

In recent years, I’ve had the great honor of giving talks to groups of NCAA Division I athletes. I relish the opportunity to regale them with stories of my days as a college baseball player. I share the lessons learned from my NCAA experience in three areas: work ethic character development building a quiet confidence I choose every one of my words carefully. My goal is to help the student athlete view their time on campus as an invaluable opportunity

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Japan: Travel Advice

We were 6,700 miles from home facing centuries-old cultural norms and codes of etiquette in Japan. It’s a country that feels like you’re traveling through 11 centuries of history. At times, it seems like endless peaceful gardens and ancient Buddhist temples; other areas are teeming with busy streets and vibrant culture. I wondered how they keep a country of 127 million people so clean. Japan could be the prototype for efficiency and cleanliness. With all of it’s sophistication, politeness and cleanliness,

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My Journey into Real Estate

During my first job interview after college, the interviewer asked where I saw myself in ten years. I said, “My long-term goals are in real estate. I want to build my own little real estate empire,” to which he smirked. I wasn’t seeking a job so much as a mentor. I needed to find a place that had the greatest opportunities for learning. Practical knowledge would pay much higher dividends in the future than an employer offering higher pay but fewer

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