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Developing Mental Toughness by Digging Deep Within: The Years that Shaped Me (1991-1994)

1991-1994 were the toughest and most impactful years of my life. Late at night on March 25, 1991, my friend’s dad was driving his family home from our basketball game in New Orleans. A speeding drunk-driver ran a stop-sign and crashed into their Astro van. My family was a few minutes behind, traveling the same route. We got out to see if everyone was ok. I found my friend sitting with his head down, faced away from where paramedics were

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Reflections on Life as an Astros Fan

My first Astros game was when I was eight years old. My dad took me to the Astrodome. I remember the feeling of awe that I felt walking to our seats. They were playing the Cubs. Astros first-baseman Glenn Davis hit a 427-foot homerun to dead-center. As Davis rounded the bases, the electronic board displayed a rocket show, gun-slinging cowboys, and snorting bulls. It was like watching a giant Atari game. That was 30 years ago. Some things from my

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Man Overseas on Solopreneur Grind!

Taleb said the Internet has broken the private-public wall; impulsive and inelegant utterances that used to be kept private are now available for literal interpretation. In this long-form interview with Solopreneur Grind (episode 7), I discuss: The day that forever changed my relationship to fear How to suffer and transcend emotional & psychological pain How to increase your income & build wealth Heads-up: I drop F-bombs when keeping it real. This podcast, for me, was as real as I get. 

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Mindless “Scrollers” vs. Superhumans: A Futurist Tale

Superhumans mindless scrollers

Every once in a while, I’ll delete social media apps from my phone. The reason is I want to reduce the amount of time I spend mindlessly scrolling. I have this theory that if a man can maintain a long attention span in an increasingly distracted world, it won’t be long before he’s considered superhuman. If I shared all the idiosyncratic machinations that I employ to help with discipline and time-management, the list would be long yet distinguished, not unlike this

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A Wedding Story in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (05.12.18)

Even before “the big day,” it was decided that my bride would take my name. Henceforth she will be referred to as Lady Overseas, or Mrs. O. Mrs. O. has brought a joy and energy to my life that I hadn’t previously known. She was working two jobs when we met in 2015, one at the gym where I was a member. I’d walk in with a book tucked under my arm and she’d always ask what I was reading. Although

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How to Avoid the Friendzone

How do I avoid the friendzone

It seems young men are starved for information on how to successfully traverse the dating world. After appearing on The Top Romp Show last week, something I barely mentioned garnered the most attention: The Friendzone. In fact, the question I’ve received most since the podcast aired: “How Do I Avoid the Friendzone?” The Friendzone is a euphemism for when a man’s romantic interest in a woman isn’t reciprocated. A woman’s not got going to say, “Sorry, there’s no romantic interest.”

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Man Overseas on The Top Romp Show!

On a Date

Honored to be a guest on The Top Romp Show this week, where they “get into the nitty-gritty of modern dating.” We discuss: why I don’t like dating apps and how you should be spending your time instead what to prioritize as a male in your 20’s and 30’s insightful, modern dating tips for guys and girls Hope you “like” the video and subscribe to The Top Romp Youtube channel! For more dating insights, head over to topromp.com.  

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Opportunity Knocks for Savage Thinkers

Opportunity Knocks (Lion)

There’s a popular video on Youtube I revisit quite a bit. A motivational speaker is giving a talk to NCAA athletes, imploring them to be savage like a lion. He says, “Everybody wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what beasts do!” It got me thinking about how his message might apply to success in business & investing. A wise old lion was laying under a shade tree when a young lion approached and said, “I hear

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10 Things I Learned from Meditation

10 Things I Learned from Meditation

After one year of meditating daily, I’ve decided to relinquish all my possessions and enter a quiet life of contemplation. That’s actually not true. The meditating part is true. I meditated every day for a year, missing only a few days. Now that I’ve finished, I feel more like a guy who took a walk in the woods than someone who’s attained enlightenment. That John Denver is full of shit. Taming Mental Chatter Most of us have an ongoing internal

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Hong Kong: Instagram & Infinity-Edge Pools

Hong Kong sunset

An amazing skyline above Victoria Harbor transports you into a scene unique in the world. The harbor is referred to as the soul of the city, a place where East meets West. Hong Kong is the most visited city on earth. But before my visit, I only knew one guy who had been there. I texted him to ask how many days he recommended staying in HK. He replied, “3 or 4 days should be good.” So I texted, “Cool thanks, in

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